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Morning Star Church

Morning Star Chinese ChurchMorning Star is a planted church out of Granville Chapel. The purpose of planting this Mandarin speaking church is to empower the Chinese believers to worship and serve our Lord Jesus Christ in our heart language.

Jesus came to save. As most of us go to see family doctors who speak Mandarin, we believe that it is at least equally important, if not more important, for us Chinese to understand the meaning of the salvation in Jesus Christ without any language and culture barriers.

Morning Star Church is a community of Chinese immigrants. We love Jesus and each other. We proclaim the good news of God’s Kingdom, worship Christ the risen King, learn to follow Him as committed disciples, and get equipped to become disciple-making disciples. Our motto is: Experiencing God, Be Transformed, Be Equipped, Bearing Fruit.

Please visit our website at www.VancouverMorningStar.org and our worship service on Sunday afternoons at 3pm.

晨星教会是由Granville Chapel 建立的教会,目的是要以普通话为母语的华人基督徒们能用自己的母语来敬拜和服事主耶稣基督。




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