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ESL Classes at Granville Chapel

ESL Classes at Granville Chapel

"English Plus" - Tuesdays & Thursdays

Our English program is more than just English – it is a place where you can meet new friends, enjoy lessons and conversations with English-speaking teachers and volunteers, and become more confident in your day-to-day living in this beautiful city of Vancouver.

We offer excellent foundational English classes for 2 Levels of English Language Learners. We also offer "PLUS" programs - which is "Table Topics" - an opportunity to practice your English with native English speakers in a small group around a table.

You will gain new skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. We currently use a curriculum by Cambridge University Press in most of our classes. Sometimes special events and field trips are offered! We include a short reading of a poem or encouraging passage from the Bible in each class, as a means of sharing Canada's culture and Judeo-Christian heritage with you.

Everyone is welcome! Please join us!

"English Plus" Fall Term 2017

September 19- November 28 on Tuesdays & Thursdays


Level 4: Intermediate (Ventures Level 4)

9:30 am - 11:30am
Includes Coffee/Tea Time

Level 2: Low Intermediate Class (Ventures Level 2)

Includes Coffee/Tea Time

"Plus" Programs:
11:30 am - 12:45 pm "Table Topics and More"
Every Tuesday we practise English and have conversations with native English speakers in small Table Groups.


Registration Fee for each class:
$120 + $40 for Student Book/Workbook package (includes opportunity to attend "Plus" programs)
*students must have their own copy of both books to participate in the class
Books will be available for purchase on the first day of class

ESL BIBLE CLASS - Wednesday Mornings 9:30-11:30 am

Our ESL Bible Class is on Wednesday mornings at 9:30 am. In this study we watch a visual version of the Biblical text, with English subtitles to learn English and study the Bible together. Everyone is welcome to attend.